I ♡ KM {Kevin Murphy}

Why Kevin Murphy? We brought Kevin Murphy to the salon in 2012. They weren’t as well known in the area as they are now, but we could not deny its fabulous quality. Skin care for the hair was a new concept, and they mean it with sustainable ingredients, quality alchemy, designed for health, movable, and build-able layering without the usual buildup and stiffness other products tend to leave behind.

The Kevin Murphy choice is good for the hair and good for the environment. 

At Kevin Murphy, they make every effort to help and protect the environment by utilising packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable. They use only natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources, that are harvested in a way that does no harm to the environment at all. To learn more click here.

They are the first beauty brand to offer packaging made with 100% Ocean Waste Plastic. To learn more click here.

Purchasing your Kevin Murphy from a small salon over a big company is encouraged by Kevin Murphy. They don’t sell on Amazon or other large online platforms. It’s a risk to purchase off those sites as Kevin Murphy has every salon they sell to sign a diversion agreement, which states they will not sell online through unapproved platforms. Unapproved platforms are: Amazon, Shopify, and other direct websites. There is no control over those items once they are out of the salon and distributors’ hands. An approved online method is through a Kevin Murphy distributor’s Salon Interactive account. Make sure to support small businesses by checking the link for “saloninteractive.com“.

To purchase Kevin Murphy, click here!

Want to know what products are best for you, use their Product Maker quiz to find out.

Product Maker Quiz, click here!

Published by Mandy Parrey

Mother and Salon Owner

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